World’s First Bitcoin Billionaires – Winklevoss Twins

World’s First Bitcoin Billionaires – Winklevoss Twins: So this is the story of ‘bitcoin billionaires‘ Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. They are also known as The Winklevii. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are twins. Yes, you got them right. They have a connection with The Social Network movie from 2010 and Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. They were studying with Mark in Harvard and sued Mark for stealing their idea of Facebook. Is it true? Well, we cannot say anything about such a sensitive matter.

World's First Bitcoin Billionaires - Winklevoss Twins
World’s First Bitcoin Billionaires – Winklevoss Twins

Everything you need to know about The World’s First Bitcoin Billionaires – Winklevoss Twins

The twins claimed that they called their idea as Harvard Connection which later was named as Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg. That is quite dramatic though.

The twins raised a dozen of lawsuits against Mark and got about $65 Million worth of Facebook’s stock in return. Yes, it was not that expensive at that point of time but as Steve Jobs said about connecting the dots, the story takes a twist when the twins invested about $11 Million in Bitcoins.

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Bitcoins, also known as the cryptocurrency is an innovation which is secure and can be traded electronically. The transactions are controlled by a high tech software called Blockchain. Recently Bitcoin’s value crossed the bar of US $15K and is fluctuating between US$11K to US $18K, making it the most costly currency in the world. This currency is attracting millions and billions of people all over the globe.

This was the turning point in the life of Winklevii, as they own lots of bitcoins at present. This makes them the Bitcoins Billionaires. They bought around 1 lakh of bitcoins which valued around $120 in 2013. The present value of the one bitcoin is around $15,215. Isn’t that HUGE?

They are world’s first bitcoin billionaires. We can say, half a billionaire each.

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