Why Women are NOT Safe? Urgent Need to Change the Mindset

Why Women are NOT Safe? We all have been reading news regarding physical and mental harassment. Why women are not safe? Why they have to go through this? Why men cannot understand the fact that their existence is nothing without women?

This is not about women empowerment and gender equality. Talking about those issues will only make women feel weaker and dependent. This is about the reality and the present mindset of the people around us. Where we are witnessing the examples set by the ladies of our nation on the other hand we are getting frequent news of rape, harassment and molestation.

Why Women are NOT Safe
Why Women are NOT Safe?

All this news that we read every other day is heart wrenching. I believe that instead of giving knowledge to women about their rights to fight against odds. Men should be given moral values at earliest. There is need to let women live without being caged and without the fear of life.

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Why women are not safe?

There is no chance that they become victims because of their dressing style, being out late night and sharing public transport with men.

Women are not safe nowadays because –

  1. Men still think they can control women.
  2. Moral values are not given to men as they are taught to women.
  3. Laws that are made are never followed accordingly as most of rulers are men.
  4. Men think they are superior and can harm women when and where they want.

There is a need to change the mindset. If being a man, you have different perspective then try to help other men too. Why women shall fight for her rights? There has to be equality between every person, every gender, every religion and every region.

Everything will become safe and more beautiful when we will change our thinking towards this biasness. Try to bring a change in this world, in yourself. When people will have empathy for the other person this world will become a better place for living.

“Do not respect only a gender, respect humans.”

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