Warren Buffett Success Story, Facts, Bio

Warren Buffett Success Story: Warren Buffett was born in 1930 in Omaha, Nebraska. His full name is Warren Edward Buffett.  His father Howard Buffett was a U.S. Congressman and was into share market business too. His mother Leila was Spanish.

Warren Buffett Success Story, Facts, Bio

He was interested in business, investment and share market was from his childhood itself. Learning economics and business studies was fun for him. He is among the richest people of the world at present. He is not only a good investor and businessman but also a great motivator and philanthropist. He has donated most of his wealth for charity. He is also called as the magician of share market and “Wizard of Omaha”.

Warren Buffett Success Story
Warren Buffett’s Early Life

Early Life

Warren Buffett’s got his basic education at Rose Hill Elementary School then moved to Alice Deal Junior High School in Omaha. He soon completed his master of science in economics. His interest in stock market and trading helped him in saving money at an early age. From selling newspapers to working in the grocery shops, from selling chewing gums to cold drinks door to door; his childhood was not what it seems to be today.

Warren Buffett Success Story
Warren Buffett, “The Wizard of Omaha”


Buffett and his friend invested an amount of $25 on a pinball machine and installed it at a barber shop. As soon as the things worked well they installed more machines in other barber shops. He saved more than $9000 at the age of 20 through his investment on the first shares. Warren Buffet rushed to Graham, to work for him that too without any salary. When he was not given the job which he asked for, he came back to Omaha and married Susan in 1952. They bought a house for approximately $31,500 (Where he currently lives). He soon purchased a gas station, which did not turn out to be profitable for him. After various partnerships in businesses and with the help of his money making skills he soon became the millionaire and merged all his partnerships into one and named the company as Berkshire Hathaway.

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In 1999, he earned the title of Top Money Manager of Twentieth century. Soon he became the Richest Man in the world in 2008 and a Philanthropist by donating most of his wealth in charity. He still remained to be the billionaire and is still among the richest people of the world. Along with Warren Buffett Success Story read his Inspirational quotes on money, investment and life and reshape your life to achieve success.

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