Twitter is Back With a Brand New Feature

Twitter is back with a brand new feature to make tweeting easier for its 330 million monthly users to bookmark the tweets, which they want to access at ease. The feature is named as “Bookmarks”. This feature will help its users to save the tweets they feel like worth saving and can access them anytime they want to access.

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Keith Coleman, Head of Product, also tweeted about this feature with a hash tag #SaveForLater will be out soon. The team has decided to name this feature #SaveForLater as ‘Bookmarks’, as this is a commonly used term for saving the content to access it later at ease. This will surely help the users to access this micro-blogging platform more easily.

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This ‘Bookmark’ feature will surely distinguish between the like or favorite button normally used in twitter with a heart shaped red button which is normally called as a thumbs up on Facebook. More over this bookmark feature is a dedicated button to save content.

The team says this feature was asked by the users to add. This feature will surely meet the requirements of the twitter users.

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