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Hi, I am Aryaman Sethi and this is my transformation story. With a vision of gaining weight and quality muscles, I started my journey back in April 2015. I was not at all prepared for the results though. I joined a gym just to experiment a few exercises and to look whether they are worthy trying or not. And you know what? The results amazed me; and the new Aryaman that I looked into the mirror thrilled me as hell. I loved the changes and the compliments I started getting from my family, friends and relatives. The way I started feeling about myself was satisfactory and astonishing.

I am Aryaman Sethi and This is My Transformation Story

Aryaman Sethi at Core Fitness, Dehradun

I pioneered this journey at the weight of 63 KGs with few of my class mates; and soon I started loving it. I started my high calorie and high protein diet plan with the guidance of my trainers Mr. Sushant and Mr.Vickey at Core Fitness Gym, Dehradun. The results motivated me and I pushed myself to train harder. I started watching fitness videos to gain knowledge about different workout schedules, training techniques and supplements in order to feed this fitness stuff into my sub conscious mind as well.

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At present I am almost 90 KGs with well defined muscles and core strength. Today I thank myself for not giving up and pushing my limits to transform from a skinny guy to a beast. The only motto of sharing my story with you guys is to motivate you, so that you can gather some motivation to hit gym and bring out the best in you.

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Thanks to Millionaires Core for providing me a platform to showcase this transformation story. This will ultimately motivate me step forward to next level and inspire others to start the journey today itself. The only way to reach a goal is to start walking towards it today. “Stay Motivated”.

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