Tips to Keep Your New Year Resolution in 2018 – Mini Habits

Tips to Keep Your New Year Resolution in 2018: Have you given a thought to your New Year Resolution for 2018? If yes, the chances are, 92% of the people will stop working on it till the first month of 2018. 80% of the people will stop the same till February and only 8% of the people will be able to stick to their New Year Resolution.

There are many reasons behind why people stop working on their goals. One of the major reasons is the fast changes in movies, where the lead actor achieves too much in just few hours and lives a happy life. The reality is it takes time to bring a change. This is what people should understand to achieve something big this New Year.

Tips to Keep Your New Year Resolution in 2018
A New Year Resolution you might have made

Tips to Keep Your New Year Resolution in 2018

Specific goals

There is a problem which you need to know as soon as possible. The problem is in our style of setting goals. We do not set specific goals. We do not stick to a specific range of the goal. We commit too much instantly and that is the only reason we get failure and cannot keep up with our resolution.

The only way to stick with the goal is to limit the range of the goal. For example I will lose 2 KG of weight in January, 2018”. Completing small goals will motivate you to set bigger ones for future. Achieving small goals will enhance your self confidence and self believe.

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Track progress

If you cannot track the progress and cannot measure the quantity of efforts you are putting into a certain task; you will not able to change it for sure. So tracking the progress is very important.

Track it and put efforts accordingly. The more you will track, the more you will able to achieve success. “Things that can be measured, they can be changed.”

Patience is the key to continuity

Things will take time. As one of the most successful investors Mr. Warren Buffett said “No matter how great the talents or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant”. No matter what, do not lose hope and keep working for your goals. Some get instant results, some takes time; but the results will ultimately thrill you for sure.

A schedule

Stick to a routine, to get out of the comfort zone. Following a routine will develop a habit of challenging your limits in you. Long term goals take time, but the results are amazing.


Try to advertise your goals to your family and friends. This will develop a sense of responsibility in you. More over your loved ones will motivate you to keep working on your goals without giving up. Trust me the compliments you get after achieving a specific aim will ultimately fill you with more energy and power to keep fighting with your weaknesses.

Small steps

A journey starts with a single step; Start yours today itself. A group of small steps and achievements gives long lasting rewards. Always try to accomplish small tasks related to your bigger vision. Newton’s first law is when an object is at rest, it stays at rest and the object in motion stays in motion until an external force is applied. Push yourself from the rest mode to motion mode.

Fall and get up

Whenever you fall and fail. Do not lose hope and bounce back with a stronger reason to fight back. Learn from your failures and develop the right skills. Will power is secondary; firstly you should have faith in you.

Start working on your mini habits from today itself with these Tips to Keep Your New Year Resolution in 2018. If you have fitness goals, start with a single push up. If you want to develop a habit of reading, start with a single line. If you have a goal to stop smoking, start decreasing the quantity of the cigarettes from today itself. Till the end of 2018, you will thank yourself for starting small.

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