6 Tips to Get Bigger Biceps and Biceps Peak

Tips to Get Bigger Biceps and Biceps Peak: Training biceps is fun. If you share the same point of view, you are not training them the right way. This is the only reason you are not getting the size you deserve. The most important points you need to keep in mind to get the biceps size you wish for are:

Tips to Get Bigger Biceps and Biceps Peak

Tips to Get Bigger Biceps and Biceps Peak

Avoid that Swing

The only way to get massive biceps is the proper motion. That swinging motion most of the guy go through in the gym will never give a good result. The only way to grow your guns is with the proper motion from initial point to the peak point. Do not let your shoulders and lower body swing, rather control your reps with light weight and press your muscles with every rep.

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Do Not Curl your Wrist

Curling your wrist will divide the tension and you will not be able to feel proper pressure on your biceps, rather it will pump up your forearms and you will not be able to make the best out of your biceps curls exercise. Keep your wrist in proper position to feel that ignition in your biceps.

Full Range of Motion

A full range of motion means complete the rep to lengthen full biceps with each and every rep. This will bring out the most of the effect on your biceps and will activate all the muscle fibers to provide you with best results.

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Control Every Rep

Speeding up the motions to complete the set as soon as possible will only lead you nowhere. Instead control every rep with a moderate speed and perform the exercise with maximum concentration to maintain a mind body connection to feel the pressure on your biceps only.

Squeeze It

Squeeze your biceps curls for a better peak concentration. This is equally beneficial as stretching. The main reason of this step is to bring out the best size of the biceps curl with a defined shape.

Dedicated Day

Dedicate a particular day to train your biceps and train harder. The harder you will push your limits the best size you will be able to achieve.

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