Time Management : Conquer Time with these Tips

Are you constantly finding difficulties in time management and finding yourself behind your work and right at the end of the day you realize you have accomplished nothing on your to do list? Well you are not doing a proper time management and this will worsen your psychological conditions in near future for sure. There is a relation between work and stress, it’s frequently noticed that the people who do not manage their work on time remain under stress and find it difficult to run their day.

Well here is good news. You can get better with time management. Paying attention to the way you consume your time can actually help you in managing it effectively. It is quite easy to manage your time and run your day instead of running behind it.

Time Management
Maintain a to-do list for better time management

RET : The Key to an Effective Time Management


Record the time you usually spend in daily activity. Keep track on each and everything you do from the time you wake up to the moment you go to bed. Note down the exact time you spend in daily errands like dressing up, eating breakfast, visiting social networking sites and the time you spend in other productive works. Make a record of everything you do along with the time you give to that particular task, this can help out in blue printing your daily planner.


Analyze the records and note down the biggest time wasters or unproductive works of the day. Make a list of all the time wasters and add up the time wasted on those useless tasks. Adding up the time will give you the total hours you have wasted from that particular day. Just imagine how much time do you waste per day and what productive work would have been completed in the same time. A study shows that the stress can be minimized by a proper time management practice. Managing your time adequately can actually lower down the stress level and can make you more creative.

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3 ways to Transform your schedule for better productivity are as follows


Set priorities for all the tasks and work accordingly. This will let you give more time to the more important task and will help you in getting the most out of it.

Limit the number of tasks

Limit the number of tasks for each day and focus on the quality rather than quantity. Eliminating the unfruitful tasks from your schedule will ultimately help you in giving your best to the important tasks.


Organize yourself to save time. Organizing your work place and your works will help you in saving your time. Systematizing your work space, work schedule and your surroundings can also help you in making fast decisions scheduling the day’s rituals effectively. This activity enhances multitasking and makes you more productive.


“The bad news is, time flies. The good news is, You are the Pilot”

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