Success and Satisfaction Should Not Be Mistaken

We all want to become successful and taste the thrill of success in our life; not even a single person who is living in this earth wants to die poor. Life always give us opportunities. We only have to identify them and life doesn’t give us only one chance, life gives us it many times. Use it when opportunity knocks your door, being settled is not about success. “Success is all about satisfaction.”

Understand the difference between “Being Settled & Being Satisfied”: Some of us think that you have a good job in your hand and own a house, a car and a limited bank balance. It might mean success to you. “NO” You are wrong. You are not successful. You are just settled. Your thinking capacity is limited. You need to grow your thought process. And it can only happen when you start thinking like more productive and successful people. Do you know what satisfaction is? “Satisfaction is all about helping others physically and financially”.

Satisfaction should be a crucial part of success

Now the question is how Physically and Financially?

Physically you can help people by providing them employment and by generating employment to bring a change . Yes, you have to push your thinking capability Stronger, Sharper and Systematic. Make your decisions Stronger. Execute like a Sharp sword. Execute your plan in a Systematic way. You can see all these three qualities in all Successful personalities of the world. Successful Personalities like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, John D. Rockefeller etc are at that position because they are Leaders “not rulers”. They are polite, humble and hungry for success. They think peculiar.

This is the reason that they provide employment to others and has transformed the world in a better place. Here financially stands for Charity. Every successful person donates his some percent of overall income in charity and bring out the philanthropist present inside him. And they do it for their own happiness. It’s actually called self actualization. All this satisfies them. And when happiness knocks your door like this. This is called actual Success.

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What keeps us away from Success?

  • We forget our dream while working for others.
  • We sacrifice our dreams for our basic needs.
  • We try to fulfill them but we stop because of tiredness.
  • We let them go because of “What people will say if I failed” kind of attitude.
  • We are not stronger to fulfill them.
  • When we get satisfied with what we have.
  • We make lots of excuses to leave our own dream.

These are the reasons behind killing our own dreams which we can live if we want. This is the biggest problem with us; we don’t make plans for our dreams. We are only trying to make others happy but what about our own happiness. Have you ever realized that you can only make other people jubilant if you are delighted. There are so many doors to choose, if mistakenly you entered in wrong door then remember one thing that door also opens to the opposite side. Stop living inside that door open it to the other side. You have enough time to accomplish your dream. “If your dream thrills you, twist them into reality to satisfy your soul”. So work
for your dreams, leave excuses behind.

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