Social Media Addiction – Are You a Victim?

Social media addiction is the new addiction spreading at a rapidly increasing rate. Are you a victim? If yes, then this blog is for you. Social media addiction is normal these days and it’s like an irresistible drug for internet users. You have to keep a track on it now; because this is not only eating up your productive time but also is the major reason of compression of your intellectual power and wisdom. Analyze yourself on the basis of following factors and try to get rid of this addiction as soon as possible.

Social Media Addiction

Reasons of SMA – Social Media Addiction

Fake name and fame

This is a bitter truth that the way we showcase our life over social media is a little bit different from the reality. Yes, digesting this fact can be difficult for many. We can relate our life to the story of Walter Mitty here. We all love that people may love and care for us. We want to be famous and get popular. But the actual motive should be to get that popularity at the cost of hard work and dedication. Live your life to achieve your goals and share your happiness with your family and friends through social media; that is what social media should be used for. Do not get desperate about getting popular through fake and abnormal actions.

Hunger for likes

There were times when the basic needs were the three things i.e. food, clothes and shelter but at present times the likes on social media became a part of the same. We are all living for the likes now. For few this is the way of enhancing the reach ability of the business, few take it as a prestige issue. The overall conclusion is that we all are hungry for the likes and this is one of the major reasons why we keep checking our social media accounts a hundred times in a single day.


Curiosity is a normal human tendency. There is no problem in getting curious to know and learn different aspects of life. Curiosity in others’ lives is also normal to some extent; but what the problem is our very curiosity became one of the main reasons to social media addiction. We are so much addicted to this problem that we do not even think twice before checking our phone and scrolling our feeds for hours and that too for no reason.

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Insecurity of what others are doing, how they are performing on their social media, how they are socializing, how are they getting too many likes, what’s the secret behind their popularity and such other questions arouses the insecurity and makes us bound to think about others. We do not focus on our positive points and try to achieve others’ positive ones. Instead of improving our personality and our real selves we try to gain that popularity over social media and waste a lot of time on it.


Do not run behind virtual world and virtual pleasures. Instead look after your closed and loved ones. Nurture your relations; do not hesitate in showing affection to your closed friends. Sharing all the happiness and sorrows becomes so easy when you live in the real side of life.

More over this “social media addiction” will only degrade the quality of your lifestyle and will slow down your journey towards the destination. Stop procrastinating and Focus on the productive side. Socializing through social media is good and we appreciate the same. In fact it really helps in developing the world and spreading awareness easily. What we want to convey is that; the addiction of anything is not good and everything should be regulated.



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