‘YOU’ are Your Hero – Mind Your Self-Talk Before it Drives You Crazy

Have you ever analyzed the way you talk with yourself? The Self-Talk I am talking about. The talk you do inside your head about the other person or a situation. Is it harsh and negative? Or you do not even know the type of talk it is.

These internal conversations may sound crazy if talked out loud. Our actions pretty much directly or indirectly depends upon the way we talk to ourselves. For a better version of ourselves we will have to analyze our thoughts and redirect them into a positive direction.

How to Mind Your Self-Talk Before it Drives You Crazy

Self-Talk Awareness

Relate this example with your life, driving in a crowded road sometimes irritates us and the way we comment on people’s behavior inside our head is quite crazy and harsh. They are such negative comments that we could not even dare to say that to someone in reality.

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Now once you got the point I am talking about, you might have got the idea about how to be aware of your self-talk. Analyze the comments you start giving out to someone when you get irritated. Such self talk is totally different from the way we talk to someone in real life.


To analyze and becoming aware of this monster inside your head is the first step to fight back with it. You might be reading the self improvement blogs and watching videos and now you might be aware of the fact that you can change everything if you want to. You can even change this self talk as soon as possible.

Try to change your Self-Talk ASAP

Most of the time self-talks are negative. You could not even dare to speak in such form in front of people. You might get embarrass if you would sit back and start analyzing your thoughts.

The consequence is, your negative self-talk is driving you crazy; and is degrading your performance. Directly or indirectly you are shifting your negative thoughts to the sub conscious mind and that is impacting a poor effect on your performance.


Start talking positive about others and this will ultimately control your anger as well. Have some empathy and try to understand the other person’s demand of action. Start making positive comments about yourself.

YOU are your Hero

You might expect people to take you seriously. You might expect others to treat you as a hero. Probably, you might expect others to talk to you as they talk to a hero; but do you talk to yourself as a hero? Do you even treat yourself as a HERO? If the answer is a NO; Start doing it today itself.

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