Samsung’s New Charging Mat – The Future of Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is one of the hottest technology on which companies are investing and innovating. Samsung has always been a tough competitor to Apple (and now Google too) and is ready for each and every necessary move in order to maintain its position. Samsung already provides wireless charging but is now looking forward to a technical advancement in the form of a “Charging Mat” to charge more than one devices at the same time.  According to resources this mat will be available in 2018 and will be able to charge more than one devices (different devices like a phone and a smart watch or two phones) at a time.

Wireless Charging

This mat will be smart enough to recognize the type of devices and the correct amount of power required to charge these devices. Samsung’s patent signifies two types of charging methods.

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“Magnetic Induction” (involves magnetism to supply power to the phone) and “Magnetic Resonance” (helps in charging multiple devices at the same time).

Wireless charging” is the future of technology and will surely bring a revolution in Smartphone’s technology. Samsung will surely give a tough competition to Apple in this field as well. Let’s see what’s next.

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