Virgin Group President, Richard Branson Success Story

Richard Branson Success Story: This is the success story of Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, an entrepreneur, a business tycoon and an adventurous person. An inspirational adventure of Richard Branson started in 1966, when he dropped out of school at the age of 16, suffering from Dyslexia. He started his journey in search of a new path, following his vision and interests.

Richard Branson Success Story

Richard Branson Success Story – The Journey

First Step

Born in 18 July 1950, Richard’s father Edward James Branson was a barrister and mother Eve Branson was a Flight attendant. His first project as an entrepreneur was a Youth culture magazine which generated $8000 revenue and was an overnight success.

Virgin Records

Later he was involved in business of records with a record shop and started selling records. In 1972 he started a recording studio named as Virgin Records. This was his first company and many famous musicians like Rolling stones recorded their first album there. Soon it was a huge success and everything went super cool for the Virgin Records.

Virgin Group

Richards on the verge of expanding his business soon came into the travelling business with Voyager group, a travel company in 1980. In 1984, he started Virgin Airlines and expanded his business in a glorious way.

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Financial Crisis

But his journey was not only glory and success; in 1992 his company started facing financial crisis and started struggling. When there was no choice he sold virgin group to EMI group at around 1 billion dollar. When normally people start losing hope, Richard came back with a bang and started a music company named as V2 again.

Virgin Airlines

With lots of hard work and dedication, this company was again a huge success and soon he started expanding his business in different industries. In 1993 he got into rail business and also started the Virgin Airlines.

Virgin Galactic

Then comes Richard’s one of the biggest step which changed the lives of many people. This was a spaceflight company within the Virgin Group/space tourism project named as Virgin Galactic and it came into fame with a space launch in 2013.

Virgin Unite

Virgin Group Founder, Richard Branson is not only a money making machine but is always ready to help the world with his various charity works. He soon started Virgin Unite, a non-profit organization and helped in transforming the lives of poor and needy people.

“Richard Branson Success Story”: Virgin group now holds more than 200 companies across 30 countries. Richard Branson always challenged himself with record breaking adventures. Along with his money making skill and entrepreneurship he is always ready to share his interesting adventure experiences with the world. After all the struggles and dedication he is now one of the richest people, 4th by wealth in UK, with a net worth of 4.9 billion dollars, founder of Virgin group with 400 different businesses around the globe.

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