Qualities Of An Entrepreneur

We know that entrepreneurs are passionate, dedicated and optimistic but at the same time they can be defined as insecure and trouble maker.

You are an entrepreneur if the following traits run through your blood


You take action

“People who have a concept but not a detailed strategy are more likely to have that special entrepreneurial ability”– Barbara Corcoran. She mentioned – “Invent as you go”. Means true entrepreneurs take actions even if they are not sure about the outcome. They initiate with an optimistic vision and conceptual information and learn with the experiences.

You are Insecure

“Many entrepreneurs are really insecure underneath”. The study shows that the people who are nervous about failing can become hyper focused on success and can achieve goals easily as compared to others. They use this emotion of insecurity as a motion to achieve those business goals

You are Artful

Figure out how to make sure everything works out smoothly, even if the resources are not enough. Creativity and street smarts can perform better than the others in grabbing the potential opportunities. Being resourceful with what you have can actually lead you to success.

You are obsessed with cash flow

Cash flow and liquidity is actually the main pillar of a business and being obsessed about the same is one of the key factor for every entrepreneur to achieve that business vision. One need cashflow running smoothly even if it’s the best company in the world.

You get into hot water

If you ask for forgiveness than permission, it means you are a true entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs are never satisfied with the social structure and values and want to achieve more and more. Get into trouble because it shows you are on the lookout for opportunities to improve yourself as well as the world.

You are fearless

Where most avoid risk, entrepreneurs see potential. Entrepreneurs are the ultimate optimists as they believe that their investment of time and money they do today will eventually pay off in the future.

You are restless

If you can’t sit still and want to make use of the most of your time, you are an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are eager and energized, which makes them stand out of the crowd.

You are malleable

If you have only one acceptable outcome in mind and your complete focus is on your goal, your chances of making it are slim. Smart entrepreneurs consistently evolve, tweaking their business concepts in response to market feedback.

Some Traits to be Developed are

Evaluate your own performance

Entrepreneurs need to be comfortable with the process of evaluating their own performance, in order to improve themselves and get better with time.

Motivated by challenges

Challenges and problems motivate entrepreneurs to work harder. They take these challenges as the opportunities and try to resolve these problems with a “keep going” spirit.

Consider yourself an outsider

Entrepreneurs are not always accepted and are often rejected in some or other way. The major reason is their out of the box thought process. This thinking eventually brings a positive change in the world and is ultimately respected by everyone.

Recover quickly

Fail fast n fail often, as that is the only way to learn fast and learn often. Failing often brings wisdom, and this brings change in one’s personality with a positive discharge of motivation to move on to next thing immediately.

Fulfill needs

Entrepreneurs transforms napkin to reality. They have a capability to sense the problems in the practical world and they think of a way to fix it and take steps to fix it. This attitude of entrepreneurs makes this world a better place to live in.

Work hard and play harder

Entrepreneurs fall down and pick themselves up to get it right. They work hard and play harder. It is important to enjoy your work. When you start loving your work, everything becomes amusing and delightful and you love every bit of it.

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