Must Read If You Are Starting a New Job

Must Read If You Are Starting a New Job: Joining a new company means entering into a new chapter of your life, a chapter completely different from your past experiences. At that point of time it becomes very important for you to take care of certain factors which can either make your career or ruin it. Here we have mentioned out certain factors to help you.

Factors responsible for building up your career

Must Read If You Are Starting a New Job

First meeting with your new boss.

First meeting with your new boss will ultimately set the bar of your performance in the company. ‘The first impression is the last impression’. So try to make it a best one. You can initiate a meeting by your end and try to arrange one if your boss does not bear in mind the same. It is very important for you to meet your boss and report in front of him and introduce yourself.

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A ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

Miracle happens when you step out of your comfort zone and try to challenge your boundaries. For example, you are not prepared for a particular presentation and asked if you could represent the company in certain event. Here the situation is intense and a YES or NO can change your life. A Yes will let you challenge yourself and it can change your life with a great opportunity.

Making mistakes is normal

Making mistakes is a human tendency so do not get stressed instead admit it and try to resolve it with a proper channel. Get advice from your superiors and you will surely get a solution from your experienced mentors. A mistake will not break your career. Does not worry about the same instead take the responsibility of getting it right following a leader and you will learn something new for sure.

Must Read If You Are Starting a New Job

Track your work

Track your work. Make a list of your achievements whether they are small or big. Note down everything. Never forget to take credit of your work. It is your responsibility to track your achievements. This will not only help you in your appraisal but will also help you in tracking your performance. Set small targets and check if you are succeeding in your career or not.

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The reason why I advised you to track your performance and document your achievements is because it will ultimately help you in backing up your request to raise your salary. Obviously we need more money for some extraordinary work, but the factor on which it depends is the Timing and the Tone. Mind your tone when you ask for it and make sure the timing is right. For example ask for it just after completing a major project successfully. The chances are that you will get a positive response.


The way you negotiate for the first time can be called as a cold war and an epic experience. Do not ask for any unrealistic raise, instead ask for extra perks and try to showcase your true potential and willingness for that particular position in the company. Your boss will surely recognize your true potential if you are a genuine person.

Must Read If You Are Starting a New Job

Quitting your job

This is one of the most important point in “Must Read If You Are Starting a New Job”. Everyone quits the job for the first time. It’s OK if you have decided something better for your individual growth and career. The only thing you have to keep in mind here is to take this step with a proper channel, rules and regulations. Keep your decision top secret and inform your reporting manager about your decision. Share your thoughts to get a better advice. If possible serve the notice period as well. Do not ruin your reputation and that professional relationship. Respect people and it will ultimately help you in leading a better life.

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Hiring someone

As you will go to the top management of the corporate you will acquire certain position, powers and responsibilities. As Spider-Man movie said “with great powers comes great responsibilities”. In the same way you will hire people to enhance and expand your team. Do not take decisions in a hurry and excitement. Your superiors trust you and respect your decision. It means you will have to be extra careful when it comes to hiring employees.

These are the most important elements you need to keep in your mind we have discussed here in our article Must Read If You Are Starting a New Job.

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