Looking for Some Motivation Right Now? Read this Immediately

Looking for Some Motivation Right Now? Read this Immediately: An aimless life is like committing suicide each and every day. Thinking of the society and killing your dreams will only lead you to regret and sorrows. I know you hate Mondays, I know you hate working after 7 PM, I know you hate receiving orders from your superiors, I know you face challenges in your day to day life just to finish a task you do not even want to do.

Motivation Right Now

Do you know the single answer to all these questions? Do you know ‘WHY’?

The answer is you are doing what the society wants you to do. You are doing what others wish for you to do to fulfill their dreams. You are sacrificing your dreams at the price tag of fulfilling other people’s dreams. You do not even know what you are up to, reason being living a directionless life.

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The reason of all your frustration and suffocation is chaining the creative and innovative beast inside and living the life of a machine outside. This will take you nowhere. Yes, you might get a handsome amount of salary but the satisfaction you have been looking for, for the whole life long will be missed.

Do you have a passion? Do you wish for something amazing just like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? Do you think like you deserve something more captivating and incredible?

Motivation Right Now

Start saying ‘YES’ to life. ‘YES’ to opportunities. ‘YES’ to yourself. ‘YES’ to your dreams.

Start saying ‘NO’ to compulsion. ‘NO’ to compromises.

Make a pact with yourself that no matter what, you will live life for yourself. It does not mean I am forcing you to be selfish. I am just asking you to devote sometime for yourself. Invest on yourself. Read Success Stories and Inspirational Quotes of the successful people to develop a positive mindset and gain some motivation right now. Read Books that motivate you. Endow on your happiness. Life is too short to live for others. Life is too short to leave your passion and work for others’ zeal.

Develop an approach of loving yourself and putting yourself at the top of the list. When you will stay motivated and full of life, you will be able to take care of your family, friends and loved ones. Then only you will be able to motivate others and will be able to bring out the best in them.

Everyone has a excruciating past; everyone fails at some point of time. The best thing you could do to yourself is to move on and start working from the scratch with a hope, and a positive attitude. Never give up or else you will end up being nothing. Motivation Right Now or Regret For Years, the choice is yours.

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Mark Smith

Mark Smith is a part time Fitness and Entrepreneurial Blogger.

2 thoughts on “Looking for Some Motivation Right Now? Read this Immediately”

  1. I think it’s important to surround yourself with people that “get it”. A lot of times our lack of motivation is a consequence of the lack of mentors in our lives.

  2. I’ve definitely been struggling with feeling unfulfilled and trapped in the system. It’s hard to break out when bills have to be paid and there’s very little time for fun after work, but I’ve been making a point of setting aside a chuck of time each week to work on what I want, what I’m passionate about. It’s an important message to always listen to.

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