Life of an Entrepreneur – The Unseen Side

Life of an entrepreneur looks glittery from outside. ‘The grass is greener on the other side’ makes sense here. What people see is the successful side of an entrepreneur not the struggling one. The reality behind the successful and millionaire entrepreneurs is the struggle, hard work and dedication. Success does not come overnight. It takes lots of patience and perseverance to reach at that position.


The pre-millionaire phase every entrepreneur experienced


The successful entrepreneurs we are talking about sacrificed all those drinks and dance parties which they could have enjoyed with their friends. They could have enjoyed vacations and family functions too; but the only thing that occupied their mind was the AIM they wanted to achieve. The only person they could thank today is they themselves.


The risk they took when others were busy living a conservative life. Few left their jobs for their dreams, few invested every single penny on their dreams without giving it a second thought. Obviously they were afraid of the risk like every normal person is, but because of the optimistic mindset they jumped into the well full of opportunities without giving it a second thought. And guess what! They are living their dreams today.


Have you ever thought about what these millionaires have done to reach at that level? The only answer is “Struggle”. Their struggle was real. The world where only the fittest survives made them strong and capable of fighting with each and every problem bravely. Keeping that dream in their mind they worked hard day and night. They fell, failed, made mistakes, cried and screamed. The only thing that kept them moving is the ambition to live their dream.

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Many of them were rejected and many of them failed. Failure and rejection tears the self confidence and motivation apart. When normally the people lose hope these entrepreneurs chose to fight. They took this rejection/failure positively and realized the motive of their presence in this world.


People must have pulled them back and they must have faced criticism. Yes, People will criticize if you are doing something different or is working on something different; but the successful entrepreneurs we are talking about have never given a damn. In fact they took this criticism in a positive way and improved their short comings to bring out the best version of themselves.

The motive behind this article is to illuminate a glimpse on the life of the successful entrepreneurs/ millionaires and to know what all they experienced in their life. We only see the bright side and never try to analyze the problems they faced in order to achieve this success. Try to cherish all these factors in your life. It is the part of life. Keep fighting with a positive attitude and keep moving towards your goal. Live for a goal because an aimless life will lead you nowhere. Let’s start working on our goals and buckle up to beat the hell out of it.



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