Gain Lean Muscle Mass – Add These to Your Diet Plan

To obtain a lean muscle mass physique one need to workout and break down the muscle fibers. For your information the science behind breaking down the muscle fibers actually increases the muscle size when these fibers get repaired. One need to make sure that the broken muscle fibers may get enough time to rebuild. That is the only reason we follow certain workout routine and dedicate a specific day to a particular body part.

Eating clean is commendable but eating quality food to gain muscle mass is a different story. Including healthy food in your diet plan is important but being choosy to get lean muscles is more important. Your diet plays 80% role in building quality muscles and only 20% is your workout.

Following are the best food items to pack lean muscle mass

Egg whites

Eggs are the number one source of protein for bodybuilders to gain lean muscles due to the affordable, delicious and super healthy qualities. Egg whites also include essential amino acids which help in rebuilding damaged muscles effectively.

Chicken breast

Include chicken breast for a protein packed diet into your meals. This super delicious food item can actually reward you with the lean muscles you have always wished for. Boiled chicken breast after your workout session can help you regaining your energy and immense supply of protein and fiber.


Fish is a low fat and high quality protein source. It also includes Omega-3 fatty acids, benefits in keeping your heart healthy. Tilapia, Tuna and Salmon are the best fishes you can include in your meal plan for lean muscles.


Avocado helps in boosting growth hormone production naturally. It includes essential fat and maintains proper muscle performance and fluid balance in keeping your muscle fibers nourished. It maintains the supply of other vitamins like E and K along with adequate amount of potassium and magnesium.

Protein Shake

A good quality protein supplement can help is speeding up the recovery process. Reward yourself with a delicious blend of protein shake after an intense workout. Be careful in choosing a right protein supplement for yourself. Isolates can help in gaining lean muscles while the protein supplements with balanced carbohydrates and protein can help you in bulking as well. Always go for a good quality supplement and do not let others fool you.


Oatmeal can be your breakfast companion in this journey of building lean muscles. It is the best source of soluble and insoluble fibers and also helps in stabilizing the blood glucose levels. Reward yourself with different flavors of oatmeal for a good start of your day.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are the best source of high amount of dietary fibers and less calorie content. It also helps in providing a healthy immune system. These qualities of sweet potato are the key to burn fat and maintain lean muscle mass.

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Brown rice

One of the best slow digesting whole grains which can be included into your diet plan for your fat burning and lean muscle gaining goals. It also provides enough strength throughout the day and for your work out.

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