Kill Your Fear to Become Successful

It’s better to kill your fear than die.
Yes, you got it right.
Let me write once again,
It’s better to kill than die..  
Kill whom?
Kill the fear inside you
The fear to fail
The fear to fall
The fear to regret
The fear to loose
We live once so why not live like a king, defeating all the reasons to fear.
Take that Risk.
It leads you to success, if it’s taken in a right direction.
Do not drop your weapons if you find yourself between sorrows and miseries, rather fight back like a King Kong.
Giving that killer look to the problems and beat the hell out of it.


Weapons you will need in this journey,
Discipline always comes first, followed with the Consistency and a lot of Patience.
You can do wonders with these three weapons.

These are not just the words but the weapons,
The grenades to blast the barriers in the path of success,
The hope to achieve whatever you desire for,
The rope to climb the rocks on your way to destination.
So set yourself free, break these chains of fear, challenge your limits and spread your wings real wide to fly like a dragon.
Celebrate Success.
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