Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos Success Lessons

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos Success Lessons: Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos’ point of view on topics like Criticism, Revenge and Bad Speech is quite commendable and inspirational. Let’s find out what he suggests us.

Power Packed Jeff Bezos Success Lessons

On Criticism

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO is one of the most influential entrepreneurs of the world. He says people who get criticized are the one who make ‘waves’. If you are not getting criticized, it means you are not doing enough to make waves and influencing people. Never get worried about the criticism, and let others talk behind your back as it ultimately shows you are doing something different in your life. According to him if you cannot tolerate the critics, you should not do anything interesting.

On Revenge

On the other hand he points out that Revenge is the most useless and time wasting thing you could ever seek. Do not waste your time in doing the same thing that the other person did with you. Instead move forward to commit amazing things waiting with endless opportunities. He says you shall dig two graves (one for yourself), if you think about seeking revenge.

Jeff Bezos Success Lessons
Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO
On Bad Speech

Talking about the ‘shield against the bad and negative speech’ about yourself, he says try to develop a thick skin as the defense against the bad speech and bad comments. Do not pay attention to those unwanted words and let others waste their energy. On the other hand you put all your thought process and energy in the positive approach and let the world listen to your success story.

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The Conclusion

The motto of sharing “Jeff Bezos Success Lessons” with the world is to make this world a better place; where people support each other for a successful and bright future. There is nothing better than a world full of brotherhood and peace along with the productive minds working together in a direction of success and peace.

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