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It is Your Life, Make Wise Choices: There are various stages of life that are beyond us and we do not have any control on them. We do not have control on our birth and death. The only part of life we can control is the journey and the choices we can make during the journey. The journey of life, the way we want to live this life.

It is Your Life, Make Wise Choices
It is Your Life, Make Wise Choices

We didn’t choose our parents, we didn’t choose which city we were born in, we didn’t choose our religion, we didn’t choose our looks; we didn’t choose our color. The only part we can choose is the choices we make to live this life better. It’s totally on us about what we want to do in this journey and how we want to live this life to make a difference. It is your life, make wise choices.

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According to the statistics of various surveys conducted worldwide. A human being lives for an average age of 70 years. This means an average of 840 months in a life span. The only reason to discuss these specifics with you is to set fire to your thought process of how are you investing your time. Are you making the right use of it or not?

There are few things in life that cannot be obtained back once they are gone.

Time once spent

Words once spoken

Opportunities once missed

Do not get stuck in the past or dream fancy, unrealistic thoughts about the future. Buckle up to make your present better. Grab all budding opportunities and make the best out of them. Remember that your life is your choice. No one can make it better for you. You will have to transform it on your own. Obviously the birth and death are not in your control and the turbulence that occurs in between is beyond your control as well; but the choices you make throughout the journey are totally yours, so think wisely. Commit to memory, that being a male/female is a matter of birth. Being a man/woman is a matter of age, but being a gentleman/gentlewoman is a matter of choice. It is your life, make wise choices.

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