iPhone X Review – Pronounce It as iPhone Ten

iPhone X is loaded with many incredible features and damn cool looks. Apple’s flagship phone is one of the most trending and most awaited phones you can buy this year. It comes with all the essential components you normally need. Wired headphones, charger and dongle means a good news for the headphone’s jack lovers.

iPhone Ten not iPhone X

Screen and Display

The most attractive feature of iPhone X is the giant 5.8 inch screen with a unique display (one of its kind). The “Super Retina” OLED display comes with various advanced characteristics. Lack of home button has already created a buzz in the Smartphone industry. iPhone X comes with the maximum storage of 256 GB. Let’s see if this move by Apple will be fruitful or not.

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Colors definitely look great and rich in this beautiful screen; video looks outstanding and leaves a commendable impression, the notch can somewhat create problems while watching movies, although you can fix the video size to a perfect rectangle.

iPhone X
iPhone X notch significance


The Notch and “TrueDepth”

The notch at the top has some distinctive functions of its own. It contains a “TrueDepth” selfie camera, which is used to unlock the device with a Face ID. This is the latest technology or we can say the latest innovation by Apple. Face ID means granting access to the iPhone through face recognition. Yes, lack of home button means there will be no use of touch ID anymore. Face ID can be somehow fooled by the twins (as proved in a recent experiment). “TrueDepth” camera also lets you use new Animoji (the latest iMessage feature) and the latest portrait picture to get the most out of your portrait selfies.

Processor and Price

Talking about the processor iPhone X comes with A11 Bionic, the same processor as used in iPhone 8. It is a powerful processor and you can do most of the use of this processor in your heavy multitasking and other powerful games and applications.

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Obviously iPhone X is quite durable and water resistant, plus provides the wireless charging feature as well. The approximate price of $999 is quite expensive though. Let’s see what the future of iPhone X is as it hits the markets.Apple iPhone X (Silver, 256GB). Oh yes! A quick fact in case of “iPhone X” – Pronounce it as iPhone “TEN” not X.

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