No one Wants an iPhone 8? – Pixel 2 Specs

No one wants an iPhone 8? A bad news for Apple; Google is back with a bang. This time with Pixel 2, loaded with outstanding features and mouth watering surprises for tech savvy and smartphone lovers.

Pixel 2
Pixel 2 XL with a red power button

What’s new in Pixel 2?


Pixel 2 comes in two different sizes- a normal size and a larger XL.


One can choose between three colors “Just Black”, “Clearly White” and “Kinda Blue”. The white version of the XL has a black top with a gorgeous red power button.


Pixel 2 is obviously not cheap but affordable as compared to its competitors’ flagship phones. Pixel 2 normal size starts with a price of $650 while its XL starts with a price of $850.

Bezels has a surprise

The bezels part contains a pair of front facing speakers. These speakers are good enough to play party tracks. They are loud and crystal clear for sure.

Fast charging

Pixel 2 comes with a fast charging enabled charger. It is a plus point and is a plous point which hides one of its negative points. Yes, the negative point we are talking about is “No Headphones Jack”.

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No headphones’ jack and headphones

It does not have an inbuilt headphones jack and the package does not come with the headphones. You have to go for a headphones jack connector on your own.

A unique feature

Pixel 2” comes with a unique feature. Just squeeze your phones sides to activate google assistant, a tough competitor of Apple’s Siri.

Google Lens and many more features

It is loaded with various Artificial Intelligence features. Point your phones camera to any object and it will provide you with its information. Isn’t it cool?

Moreover click portrait images and enjoy making memories with google photo libraries. So what do you think about Google’s latest move? Will it kill iPhones or not?

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