Most Influential Entrepreneurs of All Time

Let’s read something about the most influential entrepreneurs,here influential means the ones who have influenced people due to their hard work and determination towards their goals. These people have introduced some products through their companies that have made our lives easier and have given us variety of options to choose before we buy anything.

‘Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made’ – Peter Jones

Yes, the different thinking and will power makes one introduce the products which becomes integral part of our lives.

Following are five great entrepreneurs who have influenced us in one or the other way :

1. Bill Gates

As he is known for being co founder of Microsoft.He then started working as CEO and stepped into his charity related passion.He is now working with his wife to help less fortunate in different parts of the world.

2. Mark Zuckerberg

‘Facebook’ who have not heard of this application. Zuckerberg got this idea while he was studying at Harvard.Although he was also accused of stealing the idea of site, still with his efforts he carried on his work and made the facebook project successful. Then,his continuous efforts for helping the charitable organisations have made him examples for many other young developers.

3. Steve Jobs

The mastermind behind Apple. He is well known for his unique design and innovation. He is college dropout and after that he started working at The American Video Game Company. There he learnt a lot about building computers as well as about video games. Then he started Apple Computer Company with Steve Wozniak. He then also worked to form Next Inc. Apple has been through many highs and lows but later iPod, iPhone, iPad were introduced. They had huge success and still ruling the markets. Steve jobs have been known as one of the greatest innovators of the time.

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4. Jeff Bezos

He is the one who brought revolution in E commerce. He is the CEO of the most popular e – commerce site i.e. It is used all over the world and is one of the most successful site.

5. Ray Kroc

He is an American businessman. He brought McDonald in 1954 and made it popular nationwide in few years. Through his continuous efforts he made this franchise successful throughout the world. He died in 1984 and by that time the McDonalds chain had 7500 outlets in the United States and 31 other countries and he earned around $ 600 million.

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