Want to Increase Productivity? – You Should Start Sleeping More

If sleeping is on your ‘things you can’t live without’ list, keep reading this blog. This will unquestionably make you more efficient and Increase Productivity. When I write about productivity, people start assuming that I want to convey a message of working for 18 hours a day. Oh no! You are not a robot. We are human and we need sleep. I love sleeping, hope you too.

We always read and discuss at Millionaires Core about focusing on one thing for better future. All my successful friends do the same. They work on a single thing with all their heart and take a good night sleep to provide proper rest to body, mind and soul.

Yes you should hustle to live a better life, struggle to secure your future and work to support your next generation. But the roots of all these points are you. So it is very important for you to give yourself adequate time to recover from all the ups and downs. That is when a good night sleep comes into picture.

Increase Productivity
Sleep More to Increase Productivity

How to Sleep More to Increase Productivity?

Quality sleep

Ever wonder why you feel tired during afternoons? Ever felt that urgency to sleep after 3 P.M. in office? That is the outcome of your bad sleeping habits. Try to get a quality sleep of at least 7-8 hours a night. If the schedule is to go to early morning office, try to sleep earlier at night. I know the things seem difficult but you will have to indulge into this activity as soon as possible. A little modification in your schedule will give a jump to your productivity for sure.

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It’s all about discipline

Thought of going off to sleep at 10 P.M. but still scrolling that news feeds on social media at 1 A.M.? Yes it happens quite often. The reason is lack of will power. Switching off your phone at your preferred sleeping time will 100% solve such problem. More over those social media updates are not as important as your whole next day’s productivity is.

Increase Productivity

Power naps

15 minutes of nap in 1 hour of lunch time isn’t a big deal. Try to arrange a quiet corner for yourself and sit alone. This is when you make yourself feel special. Take care of yourself because you are one of a kind and the most valuable asset for yourself.

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Youth must understand this concept

Do not underestimate your sleep. The lifestyle of work hard and party harder is surely spreading at a larger pace, and it is appreciable from my point of view. The only thing that I want to convey here is to dedicate an 8 hours slab for your quality sleep. Now you are in charge and you have to figure out the possible ways to do so.

A bonus tip

A bonus tip to increase productivity is waking up early in the morning will help you in utilizing those first few hours of your day in the goals you are working upon.

I write my blogs early in the morning, when the energy level is at its best and it eventually saves my time for rest of the day; when I do my other business works. That is the way I manage my hobby for blogging without creating problems for rest of my works.

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