This is How to Handle Sexual Attachments and Breakups like a Pro?

How to Handle Sexual Attachments and Breakups? One of the major problem youth cannot deal with is the sexual attachment and break ups. Most of the time which they could use for building up their career; gets washed out in patch ups, break ups and gratifying the sexual desires. We are not against human behavior or the natural tendencies a human being possesses. The only thing we want to communicate here is how to control these unproductive thoughts in order to get a structured life to fulfill your goal statement.

How to Handle Sexual Attachments and Breakups

You need to understand the dissimilarity between the temporary and permanent satisfaction and enjoyment. The sexual desires and physical needs are only the temporary satisfaction one can get. Spoiling your permanent happiness and lifelong achievements just because of these temporary enjoyments is stupidity. Making decisions because of the genital’s pleasure is like committing suicide by drinking a delicious poisonous drink.

This is How to Handle Sexual Attachments and Breakups like a Pro?

Develop a higher taste to discard the lower one

Develop a higher taste means focus on the higher goals like at mental, intellectual and spiritual levels rather than getting stuck at the physical/body level. Keeping physical level in mind will never let you take important decisions of your life. You might enjoy things at physical level temporarily, but will not be able to prolong it at a longer period of time.

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Focus on the goal statement

Focusing on the goal statement rather than focusing on a girl/boy statement is much better. Achieving a goal will not only give you a permanent satisfaction at the end but will also attract all the things you wished for at physical level. People start loving you, they start praising you, and they start respecting you once you get successful in life; At that point of time if you want to fulfill your desire at physical level; that is what you earn and is justifying.

According to Ayurveda

Semen do consists of vast amount of minerals, nutrients and essential vitamins. Obviously, semen is so powerful that it can procreate the new life. When it is retained in human body it can nourishes the brain cells which can ultimately improve your thought process and mindset. Wasting it frequently and spilling on the ground will ultimately degrade your mental powers at different frequency.

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Why to live your life on someone else’s conditions?

Don’t you think living under the rules and regulations of someone else becomes suffocating at some point of time, that too when you have all the time in the world which you can utilize in exploring the world. Living like a rebel and working for your career should be the priority.

The trick

The most important trick on How to Handle Sexual Attachments and Breakups. Are you trying to move on with a continuous thought like “I will not think about that boy/girl now.” If yes then you are doing it the wrong way because you are still thinking of the same person. Try it the other way and replace your thoughts with some productive thoughts. Our mind works on replacement process to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Try to engage yourself in fruitful work which can ultimately help you in future. This is how you can substitute your mindset from thinking at body level to intellectual and spiritual level.

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Success is the best revenge

People with a grand goal do not even think about such physical pleasures. It is not that they do not like such pleasures but it’s just that they know the right time to fulfill such desires and the right way to do it. Prove those people wrong that ditched you; prove them wrong by not giving a second thought to them rather achieving success.

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