How To Gain Weight During Off-Season

How To Gain Weight During Off-Season: Gaining weight during off season is a tough task. All you need to do is eat and eat after every hour. You have to push your limits to gain that extra size. Obviously training hard and lifting heavy weights in the gym will help in the process, but how you manage to take heavy and balanced diet is very important.

How To Gain Weight During Off-Season
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How To Gain Weight During Off-Season?

What you have to eat?

Divide an adequate amount of protein, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables into your plate. The best way to have a balanced diet is to have 40% of protein, 40% of carbohydrates and 20% of fruits and vegetables. People do not fulfill these eating goals and wonder why they do not grow like other giant players in this field. The only reason is, you are not pushing yourself.

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What you have to drink?

Eating is not enough. When it comes to gaining weight; everything that you consume counts. Drinking normal water is good, but only to keep you hydrated. You need to include something else in your drinks domain. Drink milk instead, best source of protein and calories. Drink juices, another best source of minerals and essential nutrients as well.

How To Gain Weight During Off-Season
How To Gain Weight During Off-Season

Eat 24*7

All you have to do is, eat 24*7. I know it feels like puking up. I know it’s hard to stick at a diet plan; but trust me the results will thrill you with amazing size gain and you will surely thank yourself for not wasting your time on useless tricks.

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Lift like a beast

Last but not the least, lifting heavier is important. That is what helps you in leaving your comfort zone and grow like a beast. Above mentioned diet plan will ultimately give you more than enough energy and strength to lift heavy. Try to keep track on your weights and lift heavy in all the sets. You can decrease the number of reps but the weight should be more than enough to break your muscle tissues in a positive way.

Hope this article on “How To Gain Weight During Off-Season?” will give you enough knowledge and motivation to hit the gym and hit the kitchen I must say. Keep going, keep shining and Stay Motivated.

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