Hard Work or Smart Work?

Hard work or smart work? This is the question which arises in our mind most of the time. Whether it’s hard work or the smart work that transforms a person’s life? Every other person has a different point of view when it comes to the discussion over this topic. For few it’s the hard work that leads you to success and for the others it’s the smart work which helps you in achieving those milestones. According to me this topic of debate can be summarized into simple words – “Hard work is proof of your efforts, Smart work is proof of your skills”.

Hard Work or Smart Work

Hard Work or Smart Work? Let’s make it simple

Advantages of Hard work
  1. Your hard work is a foundation of your future.
  2. It will become your strength
  3. It draws attention
  4. building block of our character
Disadvantages of hard work
  1. Pressure : Unbalanced work triggers stress and sometimes becomes the major cause of frustration. Deadlines, meetings, loaded work can create mental stress which ultimately leads to certain problems to our physical condition. Therefore, it is important to manage working hours and take a good care of health simultaneously.
  2. Hard work in wrong direction leads to failure : Working hard aimlessly can lead you to failure. Always map your moves to your ultimate destination. Work hard for your passion not for other’s expectations.
  3. There is no need to be a donkey : Working hard like a donkey will only lead you nowhere. Use your head to work hard more than you use your body.
Advantages of smart work
  1. Time management skill : Working smartly can actually help you in saving your time. Working smartly means working with plans and blueprints. Time management helps you in dividing your time in such a way that all your essential rituals of the day without getting into hurry.
  2. Makes you creative : While preparing your next moves to get profitable output will ultimately make you more creative. When it comes to smart work, your brain works frequently as compared to your body.
  3. Control :  Now we have come to two very important elements of smart work. One is leverage (time, money) and the other is control. Smart people are very well aware that in order to work smart, you need control.As much control as possible. This is what smart work gives you. It gives you control over the situation. Control over your work and gives you the easiest way out to become a leader rather than a follower.

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Disadvantages of smart work
  1. Jealousy : people love to see you fail, more over people might start doubting your capabilities and may judge you.
  2. Chances to miss something to learn : hard work is a ladder where you can not miss any step but in smart work there are chances that you miss out on few step

Concluding the discussion of “Hard work or smart work” to a single line – “Work hard to learn. Work smart to earn”.

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