Grooming Mistakes Every Men Make

Grooming mistakes every men need to take care

Unkempt Body Hair

It is one of the major grooming mistakes which can lead you to embarrassment at times. Make sure to keep your body hair well trimmed as bushy body is a real turn off for people. Trim or wax your body hair every 2 to 3 months as it prevents you from harmful bacteria and skin diseases and helps you to maintain body hygiene.

Cracked Lips

Taking care of your lips is a very important part of grooming as people notices the same when you talk to them. It feels disgusting if the person whom we are talking to has chapped and cracked lips. Make sure to keep a good quality lip balm in pocket to deal with the situation if you face the same problem. Just a few swipes before meeting someone can help.

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Neck Hair

Its distracting and feels gross to see overgrown neck hair and spoils the aura, even if you are well dressed and well groomed. People do notice the unkempt neck hair, so make sure to give few swipes on your neck the next time you go for shaving or a haircut.

Bad Breath

Bad breath not only disturbs but also spoils the mood of the person you are talking to. Make sure to pop up few mints before going for a meeting or talking to someone immediately after you have your meals. Keeping your stomach clean can actually stop this problem of bad breath.

Dirty and Greasy Hair

Make sure to wash your hair twice or thrice a week to avoid that oily and greasy look. This problem can occur due to the pollution to the people who travel frequently. Make sure to cover your head while travelling into the city in heavy traffic under the sunlight.

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Unkempt Facial Hair

Keeping different styles of beard is trending these days. What men ignore is keeping it well groomed and clean. Even if you prefer a bearded look, make sure to keep your beard neat and clean. Use good quality beard grooming products and keep it well trimmed around your lips and neck.

Not Moisturizing Enough

Moisturize yourself for proper growth for new skin cells. Keep your skin well moisturized to let it renew the dead cells and give your body a shiny coat to live in. Taking care of the skin is very important for the overall growth of the body.

Bloody Gums

Keep your gums healthy and clean by regularly brushing your teeth twice a day. Always remember to brush your teeth before going for bed and regularly visit your dentist.

Body Odour

Imagine a situation when people are making faces behind your back because of your stinking body while you are unaware of the same. It actually happens when we are unaware about our stinking body odour while people getting irritated. Never leave home without a shower and few sprays of a good quality deodorant or perfume.

Unkempt Eyebrows

Unkempt eyebrows is one of the grooming mistakes that can distract the other person talking to you. It is a real turn off for women. So next time when you hit the saloon make sure to ask the stylist to take care of the same. Avoid giving them a shape as it looks feminine but try to get a symmetrical look.

Overgrown Hair

Overgrown hair shows your disinterest towards yourself. Get regular haircuts and do not let your hair get disordered. Ideal time to take a haircut is within ever 15 to 20 days. It also depends upon one’s hair growth.

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