Is Google Pixel 2 XL defected?

Is Google Pixel 2 XL defected? Google’s flagship phone Pixel 2 XL is defected and has some serious screen/display problems. Yes, you got it right. Google addresses its Pixel 2 XL’s screen problems. Google Pixel 2 XL is one of the popular android smart phones currently in market. You might reconsider your thoughts before giving it a try after reading this article.

Reportedly Pixel 2 XL has some serious screen issues like screen burn-in and discoloration. These encountered issues were not at all expected with such a technological advancement. Instead we were expecting this phone as an iPhone 8 killer.

Google Pixel 2 XL

Let’s have a closer look at Google Pixel 2 XL screen issue

Google Pixel 2 XL users shared their views on social media and pointed out various defects like the inconsistent color temperature (when viewed with a white background especially). This problem is noticeable in the 6 inch variant of Pixel 2 which is named as XL, while the 5 inch Pixel 2 is flawless. Even if the technology used in manufacturing these screens we are talking about is very advanced. Pixel 2 is also one of the top 10 tech searches on Google in 2017. Here the problem is from the manufacturer’s side; we are talking about LG here. LG’s display division has used P-OLED to make “Google Pixel 2 XL“. HTC played its part very well and manufactured Pixel 2 with Samsung’s AMOLED display.

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The other major problem is the screen burn-in issue. These are the same issues LG has suffered for many years with its OLED display. Google has to come up with a plan B to tackle this situation and should reconsider its marketing strategy before its users start migrating to other potential smart phones providing same features in affordable prices.

Hope Google has a backup plan and is ready for its next move to stay in this cut throat competition. Apple will definitely not leave this opportunity to capture the potential users and will showcase its iPhone 8 for sure.

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