The Goal is to Retire Young and Rich

Getting rich is not a matter of choice but a matter of hard work and dedication. Everybody wants to be rich and flaunt that money. Everyone wants to gain a status and recognition in the society; but only few are able to achieve it. The reason is the awareness. Observing what is going on in the surroundings is the most important factor on which the success of a person depends. Awareness opens the door to the possible opportunities.


This is what makes you rich

The 80-20 rule

Only the 20% of the total population holds the 80% of the world’s wealth. The only reason is the mindset. The mindset of getting good marks for a good job and a decent salary will land you to a handful amount of money to live a conservative life. On the other hand a mindset of getting good education to learn a skill to make a change in the society by starting a business will not only enhance the employment for others but will also give you enough assets to live  a millionaire’s life. To become rich all it takes is the ability to think something different.


Always try to expand the sources of income and never stop learning. Those who do not have the hunger to learn and settles easily, never achieve that millionaire’s life they always wish for. Here asset means the source of income. Do not hesitate to invest on the potential assets. Take risks if you believe on something. A proper research and planning can help you in getting desired results.

Money earns money

Investment plays a very important role in making profits. Investing on the hopeful projects under a right guidance can help in making money. So if you are thinking of starting a business; invest after an organized research and keep moving in an ethical way.

The reality

This is an era of start ups. Entrepreneurs are coming up with various problem solving ideas to bring a change in the world. The only advice for the future entrepreneurs is; try to make out a difference between the reality and illusion before coming to a final decision about any startup.  Try to figure out the problems that can actually be solved in reality. Do not waste your time and thoughts on some artificial and imaginary scenarios.

Time is money

Millionaires do not waste even a single minute of their time. They work hard to maintain that position in this competitive world. You might have seen Mark Zuckerberg in his evergreen grey t-shirt and blue jeans and Steve Jobs in his black high neck sweater. The only reason is they do not want to waste their precious time in thinking about the unproductive things.” The idea is to get rich not to look rich”.

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