Facebook Announces New AI Feature to Prevent Suicides

Facebook Announces New AI Feature to Prevent Suicides: Facebook is out with a new software named as “Proactive Detection” based on the Artificial Intelligence to save lives. This software will scan all the posts and updates to find the suicidal thoughts patterns. It also sends the mental health resources to the user at risk without wasting time to save the user’s life. It also informs the user’s friends and local help to look after the matter. With this move, Facebook can send the help instantly without waiting for the users’ reports.

Facebook Announces New AI Feature to Prevent Suicides
Facebook Announces New AI Feature to Prevent Suicides

This indeed is a great step taken by Facebook using Artificial Intelligence to bring out a distinctive change in the world with the help of its promising technology. Facebook tested many features with AI and already faced lots of criticism on its Facebook Live feature. So implementing the Artificial Intelligence will ultimately improve the security aspects as well.

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Facebook will also use AI to take quick actions on high priority reports to maintain a safe environment for all the Facebook Users and to moderate the unwanted risky elements. The major step in suicide prevention is to train the moderators to take quick actions and resolve the cases as soon as possible. Facebook now has 80 local partners like National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Save.org and Forefront.

However scanning the posts to implement this feature is not an easy task for sure, and it leaves a lot of unanswered questions that how this technology will be implemented. The only thing we are sure of right now is that this Artificial Intelligence Technology is a promising weapon which can act as a shield to prevent such inhuman activities on Facebook.

Moreover we must support such a bold step in the favour of humanity. This is the future of technology and we must adopt this as soon as possible. Stay safe and we will keep you updated on further reports related to such issues.

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