Are Entrepreneurs Important for an Economy?

Yes, definitely. As entrepreneurs provide not one but unlimited benefits to the economy. They create job opportunities for individuals by bringing new innovations into the world. Entrepreneurs helps to strengthen the economic condition of the country through research work. They bring CSR projects to help less fortunate. They try to introduce new yet different products to grab attention of market.


Importance of Entrepreneurs for an Economy

Bring Innovation

These people come up with innovative ideas and launch something new in the markets. Have we ever thought of being able to do video call on our mobile phones and laptops before this concept was introduced? I don’t think so. To think out of the box is the main work of entrepreneurs or should I say to think like there is no box at all. It helps to bring economy on the path of development.

Create Employment Opportunities

As a new business is introduced, it needs some employees to work for a particular project. Ultimately,entrepreneurs help a country to increase the employment opportunities for the young budding talent. Thus, it helps to raise the per capita income of an economy.

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Raise Standard of Living

Entrepreneur helps to remove the slums by giving opportunities to people to work according to their talent. Hand loom industry is an example of such work. They help to maintain sanitation standards and provide educational programs for various people.

Overall Development

Entrepreneur establishes organisations which earn fortune by selling products in the market. They compete with other products and also earn foreign exchange, develop managerial skills. These factors helps in growth and development of an economy.

Today, we are blessed with many facilities just because of the efforts of entrepreneurs. They have tremendously contributed to the growth of technology, economy and to the world as a whole.

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