8 Most Effective Tips to Break the Ice with Your Crush

Hey! How are you doing?

Exactly! I too find this line a little bit boring and worthless when it comes to breaking the ice and texting someone special.

Here are the 8 Most Effective Tips to Break the Ice with Your Crush to train you on how to break the ice like a pro and hijack your bae’s heart with a single text.

Effective Tips to Break the Ice with Your Crush
Effective Tips to Break the Ice with Your Crush

Effective Tips to Break the Ice with Your Crush

“Hello” is strictly outlawed

The first thing you say over the text should not be “Hi” Or “Hey”. The person you want to be familiar with and want to talk to should not feel that you are not interested in her/him. Instead try to make them feel special with an exceptional pick up line. They should relate the line to themselves for a healthier bonding and deep conversation.

Take off the pressure

Start with a light heated text or a game like ‘truth or lie’. This surely builds up the conversation and lightens the mood. More over it can help you to know your crush more. You can definitely use all your creativity here. If you know a little bit about the other person, you can use the same in starting the conversation.

A bonus tip

This is one of the most Effective Tips to Break the Ice with Your Crush. You can always do a little research about what your crush likes and dislikes and can mould a text to get his/her attention. Once you get a reply, keep going.

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Beware of “Flirtatious texts”

There is a very delicate line which differentiates ‘flirting’ and ‘annoying’. So be cautious if you are about to send a flirty text to break the ice. This text can be a life changing one. It can either take the relationship to next level or could take you to their blocked list forever.

Some more research

Jump in to your crush’s social media. Not to alter the information or stalk to create problems for him/her but to get to know them a little better to convert it into a possible opportunity. This will definitely give you an idea to get to know about their recent activities and you can use it to talk to them a little more. More talk means more affection and more chances of building a good relationship. People love it when you do some extra efforts for them.

‘Same pinch’ will help

After doing some more research you will surely get to know about the common interests both of you are sharing and you can use it as a weapon to extend the conversation. Like talking about a TV Series, music band, movies and sports will surely illuminate the things between both of you.

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Always track when to shut down

Do not cross the limits or irritate the other person. You will get to know, if the other person is interested in continuing the conversation or not. Be yourself and do not fake things. Faking things will only create problems in the future. Beware of your texts and never share the secrets with other people. The other person trusts you, breaking it will not only ruin your relations but will also spoil your personality.

“Let’s meet” will do the rest

Do not stay virtual and try to fix a meeting to meet in real and share things over a coffee or lunch. This will not only boost up the things but will also help in building a trustworthy relationship for future.

Happy texting!

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