Criminals are Watching You – Adopt these Habits to Stay Safe

There are many factors why criminals can harm you easily. Try to stay safe as much as you can. Even if you are not active on the streets and are lost in your own thoughts or having conversation with your friends but on the other hand these criminals might be keeping a track on all your activities and will not miss a single chance to attack you. Making few changes in your daily activities and keeping few things in mind can actually help you in tackling such dangerous encounters.

Circumvent Criminal Attacks & Stay Safe


Choose the place carefully

Make sure the place you choose for your morning walk or jog is safe for you. Problem arises when you go for jogging to some unknown places that too while your earphones plugged in. This can make you vulnerable to the risks of getting attacked. Think wisely when it comes to choosing a place for your morning walk.

Stay Safe

Do not get distracted

Do not get distracted while conversing with your friends, when you take your kids out for walk. Make sure your kids are under your supervision. Attackers always remain active and are searching for such opportunities. Your first priority should be your kids not that tempting conversation in this case.

Stay Safe

Keep track on over indulgence

Do not get too involved in your phone conversation or chatting when you are at public place. Always remain aware about the surroundings. Recently many cases came in light when the attackers took advantage of such conditions.

Stay Safe

Stick to that case

There will be times when you will be going out for business meetings or other important works with important suitcase or other important cases. Never keep them aside carelessly without keeping check on your surroundings.

Stay Safe

Especially for women

This one is especially for the women out there. Never hang your bag towards roadside while walking as it will be vulnerable to the risk of getting snatched. Avoid walking along side the parked cargo vans, and always keep the pepper spray in your bag to the easiest approach and never hesitate to use one at the time of danger.

Precaution is better than cure

The motto is to train everyone to stay safe and spread awareness about the psychology of the attackers and the criminals. Spreading awareness about the same is very important. Keep safe and keep sharing with your loved ones.


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