Convince and Influence People Following These 3 Steps

How to convince and influence people? This surely is a complicated matter, but the solution to this problem is quite simple. Convincing other person is a difficult task. Reason being: People do not want to realize the other person’s concern these days. Call it the insufficiency of time, emotional connectivity or empathy. But, we can convert these weaknesses into strengths and convince anyone and anytime following these three steps.

convince and influence people
convince and influence people

Convince and influence anyone with these 3 steps


Connect with the other person and try to understand what he/she wants to say. Do not hear what they say; instead listen to them. There is an infinitesimal difference between hearing and listening. When you hear the other person and analyze the same to understand it, it is called listening. Connect with the person’s emotions and feelings. Have some empathy and try to put yourself in their shoes. Then only you will be able to attach with the other person.

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Convey your ideas to the other person after sympathetic their concern. Communicate your thoughts and suggestions that could help out the other person; not divert and distract him/her. Do not give pointless feedback on their problems; instead provide them with the solutions. You can use this technique to sell your products too. Try to appreciate their concern and showcase your product’s benefits to them.

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Once you are up with connecting with the other person and conveying them your thoughts. The third step of  How to convince and influence people? is convince. The chances of convincing them will definitely maximize. Convince the other person by focusing his/her need, interest and concern. You can use this strategy by focusing on the benefits of the product. Do not only focus on the features of the product but also try to elaborate the benefits of the product that the other person can get from it. The chance of convincing the other person doubles by following this strategy.

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