This Children’s Day Let’s Take a Stand on These Issues

Happy Children’s Day: Everyone knows the history behind celebrating children’s day on 14th of November. What we do not know is how to bring the changes to improve children’s life for a better nation, a better future of the children and the world as well.

This Children’s Day, Let’s Take a Stand on These 3 Issues

Children's Day

Stand against Child Abuse

Let’s educate the world against child abuse like sexual abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse, domestic and family violence. Teach children about right and wrong. So that they can differentiate between a positive and negative gesture, touch, language and actions.

Children's Day

Stand against Drug Addiction

Do not give money to the beggars, those children cannot even manage to collect sufficient amount of money for food and end up getting cheap drugs to spend their time and treat their hunger. Instead try to feed them and educate them about the good and bad. Who knows your 2 minutes of gentle talk may change their life.

Children's Day

Stand against Child Labour

Never disregard child labour, instead raise your voice and educate people about the laws against child labour. Just to save few grand of money people hire young innocent children for work. So that they can dominate them and ask them for more work in less salary.

On this Children’s day let’s take a vow of carrying out something appreciable for such innocent children on this auspicious day. Let’s take a stand and spread consciousness. Only sharing will not bring a change instead let’s try to implement this enlightenment on ourselves.

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