Apple Founder, Steve Jobs Success Lessons

Apple Founder, Steve Jobs Success Lessons: Apple Founder, Steve Jobs is an inspiration for millions and billions people whole over the world. His theories and thoughts changed lives and taught us how to live a dynamic life. Here we have concluded few of his success lessons. Read these if you want to bring a change in yourself and the world.

Apple Founder, Steve Jobs Success Lessons

Apple Founder, Steve Jobs Success Lessons

Do what you love

Follow your passion. Passion will lead you to success. Do not live other’s life instead work on yours to make it better and successful. Dig deeper to find your passion and never settle. Keep finding what you love the most and you will love your work. That is what Steve Jobs wanted to convey through his messages with his each and every step he took in his life.

Put a dent in the universe

Innovate and create things that bring a revolution and fetch changes in the world. His innovations and creativity surely brought changes and a revolution in the universe and we still cannot get over his innovations.

Creativity is connecting things

according to him everything is connected and the steps we take in our lives are like the dots which definitely have some meaning in shaping up our life. Create things and let your creativity flow. Do not hesitate to showcase your talent and skills to the world.

Apple Founder, Steve Jobs Success Lessons
Apple Founder, Steve Jobs Success Lessons
Say no to 1000 things

According to Steve Jobs, things should be simple and easy leaving a long lasting impression rather than thousands of non-impressive things. The same way when he joined Apple after a while he reduced the product line and focused on few of the products to make them perfect rather than focusing on different products. He implemented this rule of ‘say no to 1000 things’ on iPhones too and reduced the number of buttons and complicacy to make it simple yet significant.

Create great experiences

Great experiences are hard to forget. Let people remember that feeling of experiencing something innovative and out of the box. Steve Jobs’ innovations revolved around this message and he created such innovative experiences his whole life.

Sell dreams, not products

He said no one cares about your product but they care about themselves. So enrich other’s lives through your products and you will ultimately get success for sure. “Apple Founder, Steve Jobs Success Lessons” surely inspires us to live a better life.

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