Latest Apple Acquisition and iPhone’s Intelligent Search

Your Apple iPhone is going through various backgrounds processing when you plug it for charging. One of the major functions carried out when you are sleeping is intelligent search process.

Your photo libraries are getting smarter with an interesting feature which links your photographs to the data to make search easier. This can be called as intelligent search. Suppose, you have images of babies in your photo library just type “baby” on the search bar on your photo gallery and you it will filter out all the images of babies present in your phone.

Face Recognition

Such kind of processing is carried out when you are not working on your phone. This can be called as intelligent search and in order to improve this feature apple is trying to enhance the boundaries to bring out the best for its users. The reason why we are discussing this feature is because of latest Apple acquisition.

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Apple is very conservative when it comes to sharing news about its next move and acquisitions. According to multiple sources recently Apple has acquired a startup named as Regaind. With this acquisition Apple wants to boost its various features like facial recognition and intelligent search in order to give its users a better experience in preserving their memories.

Looking forward to interesting updates related to technological improvements of Apple along with Regaind Technology.

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