Guess What is The Actual Manufacturing Cost of an Apple iPhone X?

Guess What is The Actual Manufacturing Cost of an Apple iPhone X? Wonder what it actually costs apple to manufacture an iPhone X? Apple always succeeds in creating an excitement and thrill among its users and technology lovers. It surely charges something for its premium services and products; but the question is…. How much?

Apple iPhone X has the premier gross margin ever. Apple is known to sell its iPhones at much elevated price points than its creation cost expenditures. According to the reports, the iPhone X’s production cost is a bit superior to the iPhone 8, but the gross margin is much larger. By the way, another report suggests that the price of the iPhone X has not deterred the buyers as the acceptance rates are growing. The Reuters report unveils that the new iPhone costs just $357.50 (approx Rs 25,000) for Apple to construct.

What is The Actual Manufacturing Cost of an Apple iPhone X?
iPhone 8 Plus. iPhone X and iPhone 8

The 10th anniversary iPhone has a starting price of $999, which basically means that there is a periphery of 64% on the device. Somewhat, Apple has a gross margin of 59% on the iPhone 8, whose starting price is $699.

Nevertheless, when it comes to India, the price of the iPhone X is more than the $999 US worth. The 64 GB variant of the phone comes for $1370 (Rs 89,000) and the 256 GB model comes for $1570 (Rs 1,02,000), if we go by the existing exchange rate. This fundamentally means that Apple has a higher by and large margin on the iPhone X in India.

The new study also shows that the iPhone X exceeded the iPhone 8 in terms of share, while both the iPhone X and iPhone 8 are among the top 10 searched keywords on Google in 2017; but couldn’t do better than the iPhone 6 even in the first week of sales. Temporarily, in India, the phone is out of stock in e-commerce portals.

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According to reports the full-screen display in the iPhone X costs $65.50, which is much expensive than $36 cost of the 4.7 inch iPhone 8’s display. But that is explicable since the iPhone X has an OLED screen which iPhone 8 has LCD. So this was the answer to What is The Actual Manufacturing Cost of an Apple iPhone X? according to various reports. According to the researchers, “Apple creates unique products and charges premium price for its latest innovations”.

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