AC/DC Rhythm Guitarist, Malcolm Young Will Be Missed

AC/DC Rhythm Guitarist, Malcolm Young Will Be Missed: When we talk about inspirational and innovative people all around the world, Malcolm Young surely holds a significant position on the list. This post is dedicated to the rhythm guitarist of AC/DC; and one of the most influencing musicians of the world.

AC/DC Rhythm Guitarist, Malcolm Young
AC/DC Rhythm Guitarist, Malcolm Young

Malcolm Young, the rhythm guitarist and backbone of hard rock band AC/DC has died at the age of 64. He helped produce various head-banging anthems as “Back in Black”, ”Hells Bells” and “Highway to Hell”. With vast perseverance and loyalty he was the man behind the band, as a songwriter and the guitarist he was a perfectionist. His futurist mindset made him a matchless person for sure.

In 1973 Malcolm Young founded the Australian rock band with his brother Angus. He was the band’s rhythm guitarist and had been diagnosed for dementia. The family stated on the band’s website calling Young a “visionary who inspired many.”

While Young’s younger brother, Angus, was the public face and the lead guitarist of the band, Malcolm Young was its leader and writer. AC/DC were extraordinarily unfailing for over 40 years with its blend of heavy hard rock, vigorous lyrics and out of the box music style, selling over 200 million albums, recorded the world’s second beat selling album.

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By 1980, the band was achieving fame and success because of its energetic performances and unsurprisingly hard rock songs. AC/DC’s album “Highway To Hell” acquired the top 25 Billboard album charts and was certified gold in America. Their “Touch Too Much” single became their first UK Top 30 hit.

AC/DC Rhythm Guitarist, Malcolm Young’s life was full of such achievements and was a true motivation for many beginners and musicians. He will still be the best and will remain in our heart forever.

Several musicians posted on social media and paid their respects to Malcolm Young, as well as shared his inspiring stories and incidents related to him. It is obviously a sad day in the history of rock and roll.

AC/DC Rhythm Guitarist, Malcolm Young will be missed for sure.

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