Bravo: A daughter who got her widowed mother remarried at 53

Parents do have to take care of their children in every step. They ask their wards to learn the tradition, culture and educate them to live with a status in the society. The state of affairs is changing rapidly and that is what we want the world to understand. The time has come to payback all the education and fundamentals of life we have learnt from our parents.

A daughter who got her widowed mother remarried at 53
A daughter who got her widowed mother remarried at 53

The time has come to develop a positive approach towards life with a high spirit and open mind. Such an example of courage and cheerful mindset (as shared by TOI) has set by a girl named Sanhita, A daughter who got her widowed mother remarried at 53. You heard it well! Sanhita has gotten her widowed mother Geeta Agarwal, 53 years old remarried. She has not only influenced and encouraged her mother’s inner shilly-shallying but has also taken a stand in front of the larger family’s resistance.

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Geeta Agarwal (a school teacher in Jaipur) lost her first husband to cardiac arrest got married to KG Gupta, who lost her first wife to cancer. This step of Sanhita has not only made her mother’s life complete once again but has also given a new direction and ambition to KG Gupta’s life.

Even Geeta’s elder daughter was against the idea of remarriage. But Sanhita made it possible with her true determination to see the smile on her mother’s face. According to HT report Sanhita said her mother has started looking pretty again.

The motto of sharing this news over Millionaires Core is to light up the world with such optimistic approach towards life. Life is too short to worry and kill your desires. Do not think about others, if you trust your instincts. 50 is not a big number, moreover an AGE TAG cannot decide your fate. It’s YOU who is in charge.

PS: Geeta thanks her daughter creating her profile on the matrimonial site.

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