5 Life Changing Lessons from the Life of Warren Buffett

Being a successful businessman and investor Warren Buffett is also a very insightful person with a practical approach towards life. These 5 Life Changing Lessons from the Life of Warren Buffett will not only reshape your ordinary mindset to an extraordinary one but will also make you vulnerable to the opportunities around you.

Life Changing Lessons from the Life of Warren Buffett
Life Changing Lessons from the Life of Warren Buffett

5 Life Changing Lessons from the Life of Warren Buffett

Your body and mind is the only car you could own.

Treat your mind and body in such a way that it is the only car you could ever have. For instance, if someone offers you one of the best cars and puts a condition in front of you; that it’s the only car you will have to drive for your lifetime. What will you do?

The answer is, you will keep the car as one of your children and will take care of it with all your heart for your whole life. In the same way treat your body and mind like the only car we could have and if we will not take care of them; after 40 or 50 years we will not be able to go anywhere.

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Everything happens for a reason

You will definitely make mistakes in your life, probably a lot of mistakes. The only thing that matters is how you accept them and the way you see the setbacks. Try to train your mind to look for the possible opportunities. Everyone fails at some point of time, but accepting the failure and learning from them to do good in the future is what transforms your life.

Warren Buffett when got rejected from Harvard, obviously he was disappointed. But he never stopped his search for a better platform and that is when he met Benjamin Graham, who changed his life completely. Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple has also told the same thing in his “Connect the dots” motivational speech.

Become a master of one thing

Instead of trying to be good at everything, try to be the perfectionist of one thing. Try to stick to your circle of competence and do not try to learn each and everything. Mastery in one skill will surely open the roads of success for you and you will love your work. It is better to be known for a solitary thing as the master of that meticulous skill.

Life is too short to follow everyone

Follow the right people and try to learn their practices. Surround yourself with the high grade people, or the people better than you. Very soon you will soak all their good qualities and will start behaving in the same way. Paying for tutorials is better than trying to learn everything on your own. You might waste years of your life in figuring out a particular thing, which an expert would have told you within weeks or months.

Presentation is the key

According to Warren Buffett, public speaking was not his cup of tea when he was young. He was a shy person who was not able to present himself in from of people. After getting the courses and learning communication skills, there comes a drastic change in his growth.

He says most of the business comes from the presentation and the way you converse your thoughts to the people. Presentation is the key and one should learn the communication skills and polish their words for sure, or else people will not follow you.

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