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Wearable design technology is one of the interesting topics in the tech buzz at this point of time. As all the gadgets are transforming to its wearable version. The present scenario is, we are surrounded with loads of wearable around us. From clothes to the watches we are using; every second product has a wearable technology built in it.

It is very important to take care of the wearable design technology and to follow certain norms to provide the quality wearable products to the people. We will discuss certain points when it comes to wearable designing.

Wearable design technology
Wearable design technology

Wearable Design Technology Recommendations

Easy to understand

The notifications should be crisp and up to the point. We can call it glanceable. It should be easy to understand without wasting time and taking our energy. The short easy to understand notifications will not only make things easy for us, but will also provide us the information that we require. Complex notifications will not make things easier instead it will create problems for its users.

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Avoid unnecessary information/data

It should notify about the high priority activities of the day. Pointless data avalanche will disturb the person. Artificial intelligence comes into picture where all the important information will be filtered, based on what the user needs at that particular point of time. Remember wearable are there to make life easy, not to make it complex.

No need to look at

The user interface or the design should be in such a way that the users do not need to look at the wearable device after and get distracted. Just a click and leave the rest on wearable. Voice assistance and rhythm vibrations are the best alternatives to texts when it comes to wearable.

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Offline support

Designing wearable for offline purpose is a better way to make life easier. Online support makes the product dependent upon the internet and what if the internet connection is not present? So the offline concept is better when it comes to the wearable. All the companies are crafting such products at present. Providing more functions for an offline wearable is the idea.

Perfect balance between personal and private life

Showing personal information on the wearable can create problems to the user. Wearable is something visible to the people around us, so taking care of the same is very important. The wearable designers should take care of the private and public information so that the users may not get trolled.

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