Are You Using Social Media the Wrong Way? – 3 Questions for You

Are You Using Social Media the Wrong Way? Social media has already penetrated deep inside our daily time table in such a way that it requires our attention right after we open our eyes in the morning and right before falling asleep. We got addicted to the social media platforms in such a way that we cannot even imagine our life without the same now.

Using Social Media the Wrong Way

From personal uploads to professional promotional strategies, we have injected social media in our daily schedule and can’t live without it. Yes, it is an important part of our daily activity, but are we using it the right way?

Using Social Media the Wrong Way? – 3 Questions for You

Measuring happiness through social media updates?

Are you comparing your life with the online life of the other person? If Yes, You are using social media the wrong way. Trust me most of the people online just upload the glamorous side of their lives. We only want people to know about the happiest and the happening updates and hide the rejections. It’s obvious and normal, no need to think too much about how others are living life to the fullest while you are kicking your butt off the work.

Using Social Media the Wrong Way

It doesn’t even matter how your timeline feed looks like, never forget to enjoy your life in the offline mode. I have seen people stalking their Ex’s social profiles and checking their hot and happening updates over social media. Not necessarily, they are having the best part of their life. The grass is greener the other side proves to be true when you surf a social media profile.

Social media is not 100% real life, so accept this fact and appreciate yourself. Stop comparing and start enjoying your life to the fullest.

Replacing in-person human interaction?

Replacing in-person human interaction? If Yes, You are using social media the wrong way. Remember those late night conversations with friends during night stays? Remember those light deliberations and funny connections with the family members? I do not even remember the last time I had a good deep communication with friends and family. Reason being, we people have almost replaced the in-person human interaction with the social media conversations. Scrolling news feeds, chatting on messenger and whatsapp, online dating on Tinder, Happn and other similar apps has almost made a vital place in our life.

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We should not forget to nurture our relationships. Getting 1000s of notifications on social media on birthdays can never replace a one to one quality meeting. The feelings do matters more than the notifications.

Using Social Media the Wrong Way
Using Social Media the Wrong Way

Are you killing time?

Are you killing most of the time scrolling social media feeds? If Yes, You are using social media the wrong way. Obviously, we are killing it, scrolling those social media feeds and conversing over funny memes. It is not bad to entertain ourselves and surfing social media accounts, but wasting time in which we could possibly do lots of creative work to get succeed as soon as possible is a bad idea. Isn’t it?

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We have only got 24 hours in a day. The time is fixed for each and every individual in the universe. You could possibly earn loads of money but the time remains fixed for everyone. Deduct approximately 6 hours of time an average person sleeps. Remaining 18 hours of time is only left to make most out of it. An average person waits approx 4 hours a day in social media. That makes 4*7=28 hours a week. 4*30=120 hours a month, that makes it 4*365=1460 hours a year. That is too much. Always remember, waste your time and waste your life.

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