Things that Make Us Feel Bad, While they Hardly Matters

Your happiness should be your priority. We all want to be happy but there are things that make us feel bad, while they hardly matters. Be it with our jobs, our parents, our friends or our dreams. Happiness is something that we all crave for, because that’s what makes us feel on the top of the world.

Some people find happiness in little things while others find happiness in achieving big goals. We all wonder that, is there any person who really is happy from his/her life? May be there are some or maybe there is no one. It all depends upon our way of handling various situations and to stay positive throughout.

Things that make us feel bad, while they hardly matters

Over thinking

We always worry about what the next person will think of our actions. But there is no need to think too much that might cost you your own happiness. Trust me, either the person next to you do not even care or is thinking the same ‘That what you might be thinking about him/her.’ So be on the dominating side and feel confident about yourself and stay happy.

Things that Make Us Feel Bad
Things that Make Us Feel Bad

Faking it

We often try to bring some changes in ourselves to become noticeable among the group. Have you ever thought that, why there is a need to change the real you? Unless and until that is a positive change.

Things that Make Us Feel Bad
Things that Make Us Feel Bad


Be happy with what you have. Yes, you should have big dreams but try to be happy with what you already have because there are people who pray every day to get what you already possess. Have that feeling of gratitude in you.

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Killing your emotions

Do not kill your emotions to make others happy. Do what makes you happy. If playing with a child makes you happy do it more often. If you get happiness playing with your pet just do it. Write, read, exercise, eat and sleep. Make a right use of things that gives you happiness.

These are the things that make us feel bad, while they hardly matters. Try to remain happy in whatever situation you are as no hurdle can make you weak .Everything you go through should be used by you to grow through such situations. Stay happy because at the end that’s what we all want in our lives.

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