From a Tea Shop to India’s Got Talent – Suraj Chawla Success Story

Suraj Chawla Success Story: Hi, I am Suraj Chawla, I am 22 years old and this is my Transformation Story or should I say a story full of struggles. I belong to Faridabad and presently live in New Delhi. My father suffered a huge loss in business when I was very young. But because of his “Never Give Up” kind of attitude he managed to open a tea shop to meet the expenses. I used to deliver tea to nearby offices and companies. I started doing it when I was 9 and continued doing the same till the age of 15.

Suraj Chawla Success Story

Then one of my friends introduced and recommended me to join gymnastics. Somehow, I managed to get admission at gymnastics centre in Faridabad. I had to support my father in his tea shop and manage my gymnastics practice simultaneously.

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Then came the turning point of my life when two of my seniors ‘Michael Hoshiyar Singh & Pankaj Singh’ became the semi-finalists of India’s Got Talent in 2012 and they deliberated to make a team for the next season of the show.

Initially I was not the part of the squad. I felt saddened and thought maybe I am not good enough, but couldn’t share my disappointment with anyone. One day when stars were in my favor; all of a sudden Michael Sir asked me if I want to join.

There were 12 gymnasts in our team working hard to make it on the Television. However it got difficult for me to support my father with his work and to manage my practice at the same time just because my gymnastics practice demanded more and more time every day.

I used to cycle 8 KM every day to go for practice, but soon the cycle got stolen. It takes two autos to reach my practice place and I used to walk for at least 4 KM a day, because I was unable to manage enough money to take another auto.

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Soon we got sponsorship from a company where we got a place to live and practice. It was one of the biggest decisions of my life at that point of time when I was only 16. I had to choose between my passion or comfort of living with family. Even my family was against my decision as no one had any clue of what I am going to do, I gathered the courage to choose my passion with a hope of getting success.

We had ample time and space for practice at our new place but there was no electricity, internet and cook. I had to manage everything on my own, from cooking food to washing clothes, cleaning, washing utensils everything. Few of my team-mates left in between but I kept struggling for my dream.

Then came the day I was waiting for, and we finally got selected and I was on the stage of India’s Got Talent. My team nailed it to the semi-finals of that season. Things started changing after that there were articles in newspapers about me. People started recognizing me. People started congratulating my parents with tons of phone calls.

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I started getting acceptance and my hard work got recognition in the society. I did many reality shows with all the big channels from Colors, Sony, Zee TV. We shifted to New Delhi and continued my journey.

At present my team converged to 5 from 12. There is a young 14 years old kid ‘Bhuwan Arora’ who joined us when he was 8 years old. He also comes from a very humble background as his father fix tyre punctures. He is the kid you can recall from the Bournvita, Amazon, I Ball TV commercials.

I am grateful to my family and my mentors Mr. Pankaj Sir and Michael Sir and one of my team mate Anoop Chandila, who never left me alone in hard times and were always there to support me.

Thanks to Millionaires Core for featuring Suraj Chawla Success Story and for providing amazing opportunities in showcasing our talents and achievements to the world. I appreciate this kind of platform where we can share our success stories and struggle stories to motivate others and convey a message that “No matter what comes on your way, never lose hope and one day you will thank yourself for not giving up”.

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