‘Follow Your Heart and the World will Follow You’ – Tarkash Band

The journey of Tarkash Band: Time and success directly proportional to one another and every man starts from scratch. These are two important key points for anyone who just started working towards his goal.

We aren’t saying that we are successful (that’s for you to judge).

All we are saying is that we started as amateur musicians who dreamt of following their passion and earning through music. Today, we are growing as musicians, so is our fan base and our dreams are also coming true, one by one. Perseverance, motivation, hard work, smart work, and optimism is the key to success according to us. A man should do what he’s meant to do. Some of us at Tarkash are engineering and marketing students. When we started working on getting placed, we weren’t happy from within. So we decided to go for things that made us happy – music.

Tarkash Band
The musicians of Tarkash Band

Of course, the path to this realization is often hindered by numerous obstacles and challenges. The biggest one being family support and the fear of failure. But, if you believe in yourself if you can close your eyes, dig down deep and ask yourself “can I do this?”, you surely can. Also, failure is something of which we shouldn’t be ashamed of, we should, in fact, see it as the very essence of having tried. If we look at it that way, we will never have regrets in life.

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In our Indian culture, we have been taught to be good students, moral children, and attentive listeners. We have been taught to get good grades or we shall end up being an average student. If all of us end up studying quantum physics and trading accounts, who will score goals on the field and who will paint another Mona Lisa for the coming generations to see?

Tarkash Band
The musicians of Tarkash Band

You know, the problem doesn’t lie in others’ thinking. The problem lies within ourselves. Ever saw an elephant walking happily on a path ahead of dogs barking at it? He doesn’t stop or look back. We should try being the elephant and let the world be the dogs, for we will find one at every corner, trying to put us down.

The problem is that we run after being secure in life and not being happy. The only way to be happy in life is to do what you really want to. And if you don’t know yet, the good news is, you have plenty of time to discover. We did the same, hope you do it too.

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