5 Common Success Tricks of Amazon Google Nike and Uber

5 Common Success Tricks of Amazon Google Nike and Uber: I personally feel that developing a business mindset and entrepreneurship skills is a continuous process. One needs to think business, problem solving and entrepreneurship 24*7. The thought process should transform into an idea generating machine. At least 10 new ideas a day (doesn’t matter if they are feasible or not) should come and go into the mind of a person.

That is what the founders of various successful companies have done. The companies like Google, Amazon, Nike and many other giants in business have got few things in common. Analyzing various traits of the founders and the processing of the company, I have got these 5 things that were common.

Success Tricks of Amazon Google Nike and Uber

5 Common Success Tricks of Amazon Google Nike and Uber

The longer run

All these companies planned for a longer run and achieved brilliance in only one thing before expanding and enhancing the product line. Taking an example of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has immense wisdom and knowledge to give to the beginners. Amazon expertised in selling one thing i.e., books and developed an outstanding e-commerce frame around it before expanding its business.

Keeping profit in mind is one of the reasons of the downfall of many companies. Keeping quality and customer satisfaction in mind is what makes you survive in the longer run.

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Small steps with a bigger vision

One of the most important things that is common between all these companies is the broad vision and working on it by taking small steps. They believed in firing small bullets to test their competence before launching a powerful missile. Gathering enough data and information before making a decision is very important. Blind firing with a hope of hit or miss can lead to severe losses.

One of the success lessons in life is to look at things they can be, not as they are. This is what all the tech giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon did. They started with a smaller step. For example Facebook started at the Harvard University level at a smaller level and is dominating the world currently. Amazon started with selling books online and is dominating the A-Z product line presently. Google started with a vision of providing all the information as faster as possible and has launched various successful products currently.

Failure as feedback and opportunity

Considering failure as a part of the process and life is what the founders of these companies think. They do not fear from failure. They do not hesitate in taking risks. They know that failure in inevitable and business and human may fail at times.

Rising and bouncing back even stronger is what they say. They take failure as the life lessons and get positive feedback to transform failure into opportunities. This is what we need to learn from these Superheroes.

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Bridging the gap in the market

Finding a gap in the market and bridging it was one of the most important steps these companies took to achieve the position in which they presently are. This sounds easy but is actually a tough task. Solving the problems in a systematic way from the scratch is quite challenging.

Spreading awareness to educate people about a brand new product and brand positioning to connect it with the emotions of people is very important. These companies linked their products in a friendly tactic and created sponsorship campaigns through social media marketing. That is where they stole the show and are ruling the world.

Left an impression

Selling your products should not be the motive, selling the benefits should be one. When you provide quality products, spread positive ideas and make people’s lives easy; that is when you get access to the market. Taking an example of ‘Nike’, they created a long lasting impression on people’s mind. Now people can relate the products with just a line “Just do it” and the “Swoosh logo” itself.

Building trust, connecting with people’s emotions and delivering best in class quality benefits to the customers is the key to success.

Hope the views on Success Tricks of Amazon Google Nike and Uber help budding entrepreneurs and startups in gaining knowledge about the present scenario of the market with the help of following the footprints of the business giants. Keep reading and must share the ideas in the comment section.

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