From Wheelchair to World’s Fastest Mile – Glenn’s Story of Determination

Glenn’s Story of Determination: A young boy who got harshly injured in a fire accident in his school was assumed that he would not live, or if survived would be a cripple throughout his life. His mother was told that the lower half of his body got intensive damage and there is no hope left.

The boy was brave and he discarded the death and to the doctor’s amazement, he survived the death bed and lived. The only thing that bothered this brave boy was that his body below the waste was motor less and he was not able to walk or even feel his legs.

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Eventually, he was discharged from the hospital with those lifeless legs dangling down there. His determination to walk was unbeatable. The only thing he was unhappy of was the wheelchair; when one day he threw his wheelchair and pushed himself across the garden. Dragging on the grass and struggling to reach the fence was the step that changed his life.

He approached the fence and took hold of it. Tried to raise his body with the support of the fence and started dragging his body beside the same with a hope that one day he will walk. He started doing this single thing every day.

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The determination to walk was so strong that he started standing with support. With more and more will power, he soon developed the ability to walk haltingly. Then to walk slowly and soon he started running as well.

Story of Determination
Glenn cunningham

Do you know the name of that brave boy who made this possible and challenged his fate by not losing his hope? He was none other than Dr. Glenn Cunningham and this is his Real Inspirational Short Story. He ran the world’s fasted mile in February 1934, in New York City’s Madison Square Garden.

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This story became the inspiration to many and proved the saying “Where there’s a will, there’s the way” right. Positive thinking can surely do wonders, you just have to trust yourself and try your best to achieve something.

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